How to Sound Female


Diane Ryan, Speech Language Pathologist

How to sound female? That’s a major question on many minds in the transgender female community. One popular how to sound female program written by a Speech Language Pathologist claims to have the answer.  As a former SLP specializing in voice therapy and accent reduction, I decided to review the program myself and determine its pros and cons – and see if Fundamentals of your Feminine Voice really is the solution to how to sound female.

How to Sound Female: Stay Tuned

It goes without saying that you are here in an effort to complete or enhance your feminine transformation. While you have undoubtedly faced many challenges so far, looking like a woman is one thing but sounding and expressing yourself as one is an entirely different matter. There are several programs that I am aware of that deal with how to sound female – but none appear to have the popularity and credibility as this one. It’s the reason I decided to look into it further. But before I express my own opinions on the program, let’s take a minute and examine what it contains and whether it is worth your time and investment.

 Is “Fundamentals of Your Feminine Voice” the Answer?


Kathe Perez, Program Creator

Fundamentals of your Feminine voice is a three-part program that is presented in MP3  format. It was developed by Kathe Perez, a certified Speech and Language Pathologist who has extensive experience offering individual voice feminization coaching in the transgender community  as well as presenting workshops around the country. Since she was unable to offer one-on-one coaching for an ever-increasing demand, she was inspired to create this program. Judging from positive reviews and testimonials her work has been well received since. She has just released an advanced program entitled Beyond the Fundamentals that is the next step after this program. Her claim is that it will take you from a passable female voice to a beautiful one.

 How to Sound Female: Step by Step

In addition to determining your pitch level with materials that help you do so, Fundamentals of your Feminine Voice addresses these areas:

  • Audio 1 –  Discovering your Feminine Voice
  • Audio 2 –  Feminine Resonance
  • Audio 3 –  Naturalizing Your Feminine Voice

 How to Sound Female: By Avoiding  the Common Traps

Fundamentals of your Feminine Voice focuses on the areas that are essential in working to develop a more feminine sounding voice. While it’s obvious that men have speech and voice patterns distinctively different from women, it’s much more than pitch and volume. Articulation, breathing and pacing are among other factors that must be modified from a feminine perspective. The program includes exercises addressing these elements as well as methods to help you avoid common traps that many transgender women fall into. For example, whispering or talking in falsetto are not strategies that will help you sound female – but rather ways for someone who looks like a woman trying too hard to sound like one.

What are the positives and negatives of Fundamentals of your Feminine Voice?


  • The only voice feminization program developed by a certified Speech and Language Pathologist with experience with transgender clients.
  • A complete program that addresses the full range of elements that comprise a feminine voice
  • Fast and easy download to your iPod, computer media player, or MP3 player
  • Exercises can be completed in as little as 15 minutes per day (although longer practice sessions are recommended). Results in 60 days.
  • Safer and less costly than individual therapy and drastic vocal cord surgery
  • Guaranteed with a 60-day money back guarantee


  • Only available on the internet
  • Not as personalized or as effective as individual therapy
  • Takes a considerable amount of determination and practice

Fundamentals of your Feminine Voice – Conclusion

If you read all of the above, you can easily tell that I highly endorse this program.  Not only is it complete and innovative, it addresses a need that few people know even exist. While it will take much dedication and commitment, with enough practice it has the potential of taking you from vocal exercises to  sounding and conversing as a woman. Still unsure? Visit our Video Gallery and hear first-hand the results of this program.

For more information visit the official site and make your own determination as to whether this is for your personal solution to how to sound female.